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About Classic Silks and High-Quality Sarees in Bernardsville, NJ

Classic Silks was founded on December 1st, 1999. And since then Classic Silks have been producing high-quality sarees to Bernardsville, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Silk has always been associated with luxury. It is not surprising that Kanjeevaram (Kanjivaram or Kancheepuram) sarees (saris), woven out of pure silk, have occupied the prime position as "the" attire reserved for the best of the events, be it weddings, ceremonies, concerts, etc. Kanjeevaram sarees (saris) enjoy unquestionable dominance among people from the southern part of India and are now admired and revered by the rest of India. Leading fashion designers of India have added to their appeal by stamping their own design identity on them, creating an aura of Avant grade in the fashion circles.

The Kanjeevaram saree gets its name from the town it originated in: Kanchipuram. Kanjeevaram, an anglicized version of Kanchipuram, is a little temple town located about 60 miles from Chennai (Madras) in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. Kanchipuram is predominantly a temple town. This temple town is the home of generations of weavers that weave the Kanjeevaram sarees (saris). It is not surprising that the inspiration for the design of these high-quality sarees comes from the

Silk made its way from China to India. Thus was born the silk Kanjeevaram saree. Kanjeevaram sarees also get their unique luster and color because of the climatic condition of this region, which is most conducive to the cultivation of the mulberry trees whose leaves the silkworms feed on. The silkworms reared here produce the softest and the longest of the silk threads. The quality of the silk threads from this region enables the weavers to produce products of very high quality. The silk threads from this region absorb color dyes like no other. Kanjeevaram sarees are therefore famous for the brilliant colors that are so captivating. The traditional weavers of this region have etched their own identity in the unique and bold color combinations of the various parts of the saree. A Kanjeevaram saree is a must in every South Indian bride's trousseau.

Yellow Saree - High-Quality Sarees | Bernardsville, NJ

The 'zari' work in the border and the Pallu are generally woven in gold-dipped silver threads. The designers that design the intricate borders and the exquisite pallus, along with the weavers, form a team that weaves magical dreams from a few strands of silk. Every saree is an artistic creation, a unique masterpiece, and one of a kind. There are no two sarees alike.

The Kanjeevaram saree is a tradition often passed on from mother to daughter over several generations as an heirloom. Each saree is normally six yards in length, and some come in nine-yard lengths too, varying in width. They are popular attire for a myriad of social occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies, and even parties. A Kanjeevaram saree is for all ages too. Older women enhance their natural dignity, middle-aged women wear it with self-assurance and poise, and the younger, nubile beauties wear it with a feminine grace that is most alluring. Kanjeevaram sarees are available in a large price range to suit different wallets, from the easily affordable to the extravagantly expensive. The price is determined by the quality of silk yarn (the count per square inch), the intricacy and ornateness of the design in the body, borders, and the pallu, and the amount of gold-thread (zari) work in the saree. Apart from each Kanjeevaram creation being a work of exquisite art, it is a fabric steeped in Indian tradition and is a part of the cultural heritage of India. Western fashions and their influences on Indian attire come and go, but this tradition has lived on and will continue to live on. And now it is time for the women of the western world to discover the richness and allure of this magnificent silk from the south of India. The Kanjeevaram could be easily adapted to their western wardrobe of dresses and gowns. A dress made from this silk would add a touch of the exotic and plenty of eastern charm and make heads turn. Learn more about the price of our high-quality sarees from Bernardsville, NJ.

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