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  • Silks and Me (by Rashmi Menon)

    Your wardrobe is a reflection of who you are. When you run your hands over your formal RashmiMenonArticle1Pic1clothes, the images it conjures in your head is the office, presentations, colleagues and time lines. Then run them across your sarees and a deep pride swells up in your heart. Of who you are. It wakes up the woman in you and you feel beautiful. Proud of the woman you are.

    I still remember when I was just 8 or 9 years old, standing behind my grandmother as she opened her wardrobe. It was a wooden almirah. The fragrance of vettriver would reach me. Vettriver is the root of a medicinal plant and gives out a fragrance similar to lavender. She wraps a handful of them in a soft white muslin cloth and keeps it between her clothes. Her entire wardrobe consists of only white. A woman who cooked on firewood, served her husband and children and even grandchildren (like me who were on holiday) and maintained white Sunday to Sunday. To me then though there was nothing missing. That was her! White starched dhotis and white blouses!!

    Now turning to my mother’s wardrobe, mostly all silks. All the Kanjeevaram silks hung neatly next to each other. Not just in colour but in weave too each one distinguished. There were the tone on tone with thread work on border and pallu and the big gold borders. In the way the threads were woven, it spoke a story. Sometimes it went the traditional way and a peacock or a swan adorned the entire border while other times it would go in a geometric pattern.

    Contemporary Kanjeevaram Saree in Pink Contemporary Kanjeevaram Saree in Pink

    There was always a reason to get dressed in these beautiful silks. In an Indian home, there is a festival or a celebration every month. It was considered auspicious to wear a silk saree on these days. Auspicious because silk is considered pure. As it is derived from nature and there is nothing artificial in it. The gold border is made up of is pure gold threads woven together. Because of its pure nature, these silks last for very long. Many are handed down to the next generation. The gold on the saree and the silks never fade.

    Until you were of age to wear a silk saree, the girls would wear silk paavadai meaning silk skirts. The house would brighten up with colour on celebrations... Bottle green, vermillion red, mango yellow and midnight blue to name a few.

    It is every girls dream to own a few of those silks herself. The plain silks saree with gold borders never go out of fashion. However, for occasions that are more important we always choose a silk saree with gold motifs on it. The gold designs on the sarees make it more beautiful and unique. The swan motif or the ornament motif is a very popular one. In the beginning, it was just one colour all across the saree but as then arrived the contrast border. Just as you find big bold broad gold borders, you can also find narrow gold borders. You will always find a Kanjeevaram silk for every occasion. And sometimes the effort in shopping to actually choose what one likes to be seen in, is really tiring. Thanks to convenience, ease of access, greater choices and surprisingly attractive prices, a web shop like takes out the pain and retain the pleasure of silk shopping – delivery to your doorstop. Now that’s a ‘wow’ for me!
    It is your dream destination for Kanjeevaram silk sarees.

    Silks are not just visually appealing but they also drape well. Whether you wear your pallu front to back or back to front (Guajarati style) they look gorgeous. You may like to bring it across your body from right to left and pin it to your left shoulder leaving the rest of it resting lightly on your left hand. This is the way a saree is worn mostly. The rustle of the silk creates an energy that brings confidence to the person wearing it. Great trouble is taken in selecting the colours of silk sarees for the girls of the household. Kanjeevaram sarees bring a classy feel to any occasion.

    When the house is decorated with mango leaves and marigold flowers, and the fragrance of sandal is in the air, the girls are all dressed in bright coloured silks then it sure is going to be a memorable day. And for the woman starving for Kanjeevaram silk sarees, classicsilks is the perfect portal. Online shopping for Kanjeevaram silks has never been better. So go on, Happy shopping !

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